Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Night Rambling

I actually did some painting today. Yippie! I scraped and sanded around my bedroom window, primed it and did the first coat of paint. I also painted the trim around the garage door and above the garage door. Everything needs one more coat so I'm holding off on marking those items completed on my to do list. I even managed to NOT paint my window shut.

It's clear to me after todays activities, mainly attempting to clean out the eaves with a ladder that's about 2' too short, that I really need to purchase a ladder. Ugh. I measured the highest point on my house and minimum I need a 12' ladder, 15' might be better though.

I also need to get my car door fixed. I can't open the driver side door from the inside. I have to roll down my window and open it using the outside handle.

With the above two items, along with the various items on my to do list that require money, such as "fix snowblower" or "clean carpets", I can feel my goal of paying off my Choice card by the end of the year slipping away. Ironically, paying off my Choice card is on my to do list. Perhaps if I sell some items on ebay (also on my to do list) I will be able to pay for some of the other stuff on my list.

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