Sunday, November 22, 2009

99 Update

O.k., so I injured my freakin elbow a couple of months ago. I officially have "tennis elbow" in my right elbow and of course I'm right hand dominant. I'm not sure what caused the initial injury but I know I aggravated it more by doing a bunch of yard work and exterior painting in late September when I was all gung ho about completely the items on my to do list that required nice weather. With the injury, all activity came to a halt and I got to enjoy physical therapy again.

My elbow is finally starting to feel better and I'm slowly adding in more activity. However there are some items on my to do list that simply aren't going to get done by December 16 so I need to make some substitutions so I can still complete 99 items in 99 days. Even with modifying the list to accommodate my elbow, it will be a challenge to complete the list since I'm behind.

Here's what I have to remove from the current list do to injury and cold weather.

Paint trim around garage
Sand paint by front door
Finish painting around patio
Mulch flower bed along south fence (backyard)
Clean out shed
Add rock to flower bed along garage

Train for Run for the Roses 10K - This has come and gone and I didn't run. It had nothing to do with my injury.

Indoor items that likely won't get done because of injury.

Finish molding on kitchen cabinet
Install hooks in kitchen cabinet
Sand DVD cabinet
Paint DVD cabinet
Prep kitchen walls to be primed
Prime kitchen walls

These are items that aren't going to get done simply because it's not going to happen by Dec. 16.

Take sale items to Linda G.
Take plastic garden pots to Kay
Get carpets cleaned - I need to put this money elsewhere in December
Take and pass ACE certification exam - I'm not going to be ready by December

That leaves 17 new to do items that I need to have to maintain the 99 items in 99 days.

Some of the items on the list below are already completed however I'm going to go ahead and include them since they were things that I thought of after my original list was created. They became my "extra credit" items that I'm now going to use to maintain my grade. :)

1. Clean dishwasher and remove hard water buildup around door - done
2. Take garage and paint rags to laundry mat - done
3. Do a balance transfer from Chase to Citibank
4. Close Chase account
5. Clean out humidifier
6. Clean off garage work bench
7. Dust bathroom blinds
8. Call Allstate about roadside coverage
9. Call Mediacom about lowering bill or cancel
10. Hang photos from contest
11. Check with NWA to see if miles from PHX trip were credited to my account
12. Check with Firehouse Books about selling books
13. Get an oil change - done
14. Get car door fixed - done
15. Clean intake vent cover from hallway and living room
18. ebay - bridesmaid dress
19. ebay - jeans
20. ebay - black leather jacket
21. ebay - brown leather jacket
22. ebay - winter jacket
23. ebay - fall/spring jacket
24. ebay - 3 mil wetsuit
25. ebay - 7 mil wetsuit
26. Get an estimate to repair jewelry
27. Contact CSA about taking pictures
28. Contact Northern Prairie Chevre about pics
29. Contact Picket Fence Creamery about pics
30. Fix baseboard paint by tub
31. Get estimate for tree trimming/removal
32. Change furnace filter - November
33. Repot hibiscus
34. Repot croton
35. Repot philodendron
36. Purchase Christmas gifts
37. Go through 14 magazines and then get rid of them
38. Vacuum car
39. Do album of pics from mom
40. Finish study abroad scrapbook
41. Use gift certificate
42. Dust shelves in office
43. Write AND send Christmas cards
44. Scrape paint from laundry room windows
45. Clean laundry room windows
46. Spackle holes in bedroom closet
47. Dispose of fire extinguisher
48. Clean refrigerator coils
49. Clean refrigerator
50. Plot house for feng shui
51. Price primer and paint
52. Pay off Choice card

I've completed 47 items and I still need to come up with 2 more new items.

Hot Chocolate

I made this tonight and won't ever go back to instant hot chocolate. It's easy, tasty and satisfies my sweet tooth without being over the top rich.

In a glass measuring cup, heat up 1 cup of milk (I used skim) in the microwave until it gets to your preferred temperature.

In the cup you will be enjoying your hot chocolate from, mix 2 tbsp of hot water and 1 tbsp cocoa powder.

Add warm milk to cup and immediately add 1 tbsp of agave nectar. Mix and enjoy!