Thursday, December 11, 2008

Check Out My Buns!

Another success! I tried making hamburger buns this past weekend and they came out great.

A Pod-Person Thanksgiving

So for the first time in my life I acted like an adult on Thanksgiving. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with any holiday that requires holiday food. I’ve never liked cooking and I’ve always hated how my mom would get all worked up about every little detail. I’m usually sullen, do the bare minimum to keep my mom happy and dislike the whole process.

This year, enter the new and improved pod-person.

We had a free-range turkey that was never frozen. I made pumpkin pie from actual pumpkins, not canned. I made sweet potato casserole from actual sweet potatoes, not canned. The bread cubes in the stuffing were made from my home baked bread. Best of all was the cranberry sauce. As shown in my previous post, my attempt to make my own jellied cranberry sauce was a success! The only part of the meal that wasn’t from scratch was the broccoli-corn casserole. The chopped broccoli was frozen and I used a can of creamed corn. I’ve already been looking at creamed corn recipes for next year.

Thanksgiving was actually a lot of fun this year. I really enjoyed preparing everything. I enjoyed the “challenge” of trying to figure out how to get the sweet potatoes to the same state as they are when they come from a can because from that point, I know what to do. (I ended up micro waving them although boiling and roasting were the other options.) I learned while trying to prepare the pumpkin that I probably needed to cook it longer in the oven. I’m also not sure if I need a bigger, more powerful food processor or what but when I put the pumpkin in, nothing happened. Essentially the blade simply spun around and the pumpkin stayed where it was. I finally added a little bit of water and that seemed to help move things along. I still ended up picking pumpkin chunks out of the puree.

Anywho, it went very well and we had a very nice day.