Monday, September 28, 2009

Sucky Weekend Update

I was told, by one of my three readers, that my last post was "a downer." I guess it probably was. The thing is, I really didn't go into all of the reasons the weekend sucked; I just focused on the two ER visits. But, I'm not going to go into all of that now. It's over with. Instead I'm back with another update to my to-do list.

This morning I got my butt out of bed, loaded my roommate's truck with yard waste and hauled it off to the yard waste place. I still have probably two more loads but this was the one I really needed to since I was able to clear out all of the dead stuff that was piled along side the garage for all to see. The remaining piles are in the back yard and aren't nearly the eye sore as the front one was.

After I was done with the yard waste, I went to Lowe's and purchased some furnace filters, then went home and got ready for work. On my way to work I stopped by the optical shop to donate two pairs of old glasses. After work I stopped by a friend's house and borrowed their ladder.

So just to recap, in case you were so riveted by my exciting life that you weren't really paying attention to the details, I completed 4, count'em FOUR items on my list!

*Take in yard waste
*Change furnace filter (September)
*Donate glasses - Finally! I've been meaning to donate the damn things for over a year. It feels great to have them gone.
*Borrow ladder from Eric

I have four more items that need to be done while it's still "warm." This could be a challenge. Although it was in the upper 70's yesterday (while I sat in the freakin ER again, but I digress) it's only going to get into the low 60's this week. This it going to make it tough to get exterior painting done, not impossible, but tough. I'm hoping to get it done by this weekend.

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kimbers said...

Funny, I didn't think your last post was a 'downer'.

My first thought was that it was pretty cool that both people who needed to go to the ER were fine and that you got as much done as you did inspite of spending so much time at the hospital.

My second thought was that I have to seriously consider making a 99 things in 99 days list of my own. I am in some serious awe at how much you are getting done in the face of day to day living!

Warm regards,