Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Photo Contest

The annual "bitching about the weather" has come early this year. I have a friend that lives in Florida (one of my 3 readers) and each winter I whine to him about the weather here. It's 11:30pm (Iowa) on SEPTEMBER 29 and it's 46 freakin degrees out! I refuse to turn on the heat in September.

All of the entries to the Smokestacks and Silos photo contest are online. I assume this means the judging will commence soon. After looking at the other entries, I feel a lot better about the photos I submitted. There are some gorgeous photos, but there's also a lot of snapshots or photos that were entered into the completely wrong category. Snapshots are fine, but for a photo contest I was expecting high quality photos from everyone, thus making me nervous about my own, novice attempts. However, I now realize I entered decent photos and didn't embarrass myself.

Speaking of photo contests, I sent in my entries to the APTA (American Public Transportation Association, a.k.a. "bus geeks") photo contest. This was one of the items on my to-do list.


kimbers said...

I'm up in Minneapolis (38 degrees this morning) and I'm not turning on my darn heat either! I refuse to tip my hat to the coming winter season in September.Never have and never will!! LOL! Isn't this why sweaters and hoodies were invented?

Have a great day!

Warm regards,

21stCenturyBachelor said...

Well, your one reader in Florida is jealous of your cool weather. If you only understood what it was like to feel gamy and sticky every day you'd appreciate your cooler clime. I swear. :)