Wednesday, September 16, 2009

99 Things in 99 Days

After reading about the adventures of one of the ladies on WIR to finish a list of 99 things to do in 99 days, I decided to give myself the same challenge. So on 09/09/09 I created a list of random things to do over the next 99 days. Some items are easy (read instructions,) some are more ambitious (finish painting around patio,) some are simply things I've been meaning to do for a long time but just never get around to it (recycle inkjet cartridge.) After completing the list, I realized I should have put a little more thought into it. I came up with the list in about 30 minutes and in my haste, listed quite a few items that need to be done before it gets cold. Weeding, painting, planting, etc. all need to be done by the end of October which means I really need to get moving. Especially since a lot of the items are weekend projects. There really aren't that many warm weekends left.

So my complete list is below. I tried to group similar items together, but really it's just a hodge podge of items that are all over the place. My 99 days will be up on December 16. Wish me luck!

Get snow blower fixed - done
ebay - Bridesmaid dress
ebay - Jeans
ebay - Black leather jacket
ebay - Brown leather jacket
ebay - Winter jacket
ebay - Fall/spring jacket
ebay - 3 mil wetsuit
ebay - 7 mil wetsuit
Exchange wetsuit hood - completed
Borrow ladder from Eric - done
Remove front screen and replace with glass door - done
Get and estimate to repair jewelry
Enter Silos and Smokestacks photo contest - Done!
Enter APTA photo contest - Done!
Contact CSA about taking pictures
Contact Northern Prairie Chevre about taking pictures
Contact Picket Fence Creamery about taking pictures
Take and pass ACE Personal Training Certification test
Paint trim around garage
Sand paint by front door
Paint trim around bedroom window - done
Finish painting around patio
Fix baseboard paint by tub
Purchase cable line hangers - completed
Install cable line hangers - completed
Get estimate for tree trimming/removal
Plant Buck rose - done
Take in yard waste - done
Finish weeding center flower bed - completed
Weed flower bed along south fence (backyard) - Done!
Weed flower bed along back of house - Done
Weed flower bed along south side of house (front) - Done
Mulch flower bed along south side of house (front)
Divide (perennial) geranium 1 - Done
Divide (perennial) geraniam 2 - Done
Move garden pots to shed - done
Take plastic garden pots to Kay
Clean out shed
Move hose to shed - done
Make a path in rear flower bed - done
Add rock to flower bed along garage
Change furnace filter - September - done
Change furnace filter - November
Empty gas from lawn mower - done
Prep kitchen walls to be primed
Prime kitchen walls
Use up frozen veggies in freezer - done
Hang window frame - done
Repot (annual) geranium to indoor pot - done
Repot hibiscus
Repot croton
Repot philodendron
Take cuttings from other house plants - done
Purchase a bday gift for dad - done
Purchase Christmas gifts
Go through 14 magazines and then get rid of them
Train for Run for the Roses 10K
Vacuum car
Do album of pictures from mom
Finish study abroad scrapbook
Price new baseboards for kitchen - done
Sand DVD cabinet
Paint DVD cabinet
Get facial (use bday gift certificate)
Use Jax gift card - done
Donate old eye glasses - done
Recycle inkjet cartridge - done
Spackle holes living room walls - done
Clean bathroom window -done
Weather strip bathroom window - done
Clean bedroom window - done
Weather strip bedroom window - done
Clean office window - done
Weather strip office window - done
Clean front window - done
Clean sliding door - done
Weather strip sliding door - done
Remove all books and completely dust shelves in office
Write AND send Christmas cards
Take sale items to Linda G.
Scrape paint from laundry room window
Clean laundry room window
Purchase plane tickets to PHX - completed
Spackle holes in bedroom closet walls
Dispose of old fire extinguisher
Dispose of old cell phone battery - done
Dispose of bag 'o matches - done
Read about the proper way to clean the dishwasher - Done
Clean refrigerator coils
Clean refrigerator
Plot house for feng shui
Get carpets cleaned
Finish floor by front door - done
Finish molding on kitchen cabinet
Install hooks in kitchen cabinet
Spackle holes in kitchen walls - completed
Price primer and paint
Pay off Choice credit card!

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