Friday, January 01, 2010

Looking Back, Looking Forward

I'm pretty please with 2009, it was a good year for me.

2009 Highlights
* I paid off $11,919 of credit card debt. That's 44.5% in one year.
* I started my second year of maintaining my weight loss.
* I started studying to get certified as a personal trainer.
* I earned second place and two honorable mentions in a photo contest.
* I've drastically reduced that amount of white sugar I ingest. I've avoided all candy and desserts since October.
* I had sex. That alone makes 2009 noteworthy.
* I've read a lot and learned more about the impact the food industry has on our economy and our health, both of which are toxic. I believe I'm making better choices for my health.

2010 Goals
*Pay off all credit card debt!!!!!! This is a huge one and it's gonna happen.
*Stay away from physical therapy. No more injuries!
*Run Dam to Dam.
*Celebrate debt payoff by purchasing a Kitchenaid Mixer complete with food grinder and pasta maker attachments. I want one in Surf Green but I'm not sure it will be available by the time I'm ready to buy it.
*Get certified and get a job as a personal trainer!!! This one is really important to me.
*Continue to maintain my weight loss.
*Continue to move towards a healthier diet.

I need to revist some of my goals to make them more specific but for now I just wanted to get them posted.

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