Thursday, December 17, 2009

99 Things in 99 Days Deadline!

99 Things in 99 Days

I didn't complete my list. However I did accomplish a lot. So instead of focusing on what I didn't do, I'm going to list everything I did get done.

1. Get snowblower fixed - my roommate worked on it and had it running. Of course for the first snow, it didn't work. I'm still counting it.
2. Put bridesmaid dress on ebay - didn't sell.
3. Put jeans on ebay - sold!
4. Put black leather jacket on ebay - sold!
5. Put brown leather jacket on ebay - didn't sell, donated it.
6. Enter Silos and Smokestacks photo contest - received a second place and two honorable mentions.
7. Enter APTA photo contest - entered but haven't heard anything yet.
8. Plant buck rose - hope it survives the winter.
9. Take in yard waste.
10. Finish egg shaped flower garden.
11. Finish floor by front door.
12. Fill holes on kitchen wall.
13. Weed flower garden along south side of yard.
14. Weed flower garden along back of house.
15. Read about dishwasher maintenance.
16. Clean coils on refrigerator.
17. Weed garden by garage.
18. Mulch garden by garage.
19. Donate glasses.
20. Recycle ink jet cartridge.
21. Fill holes in living room.
22. Clean bathroom window.
23. Weather strip bathroom window.
24. Clean bedroom window.
25. Weather strip bedroom window.
26. Put light weight coat on ebay - didn't sell, donated it.
27. Divide geranium one.
28. Divide geranium two.
29. Move garden pots to shed.
30. Move hose to shed.
31. Buy place tickets to Phoenix.
32. Recycle cell phone battery.
33. Purchase cable hangers.
34. Install cable hangers.
35. Price new baseboards for kitchen.
36. Clean refrigerator.
37. Clean office window.
38. Weather strip office window.
39. Use up frozen veggies in freezer.
40. Hang window frame.
41. Replant geranium.
42. Clean sliding doors.
43. Put 3 mil wetsuit on ebay - didn't sell.
44. Exchange hood.
45. Borrow ladder from Eric and Lisa.
46. Remove front screen and install glass door.
47. Make path in back garden.
48. Change furnace filter - September.
49. Change furnace filter - November.
50. Empty gas from lawn mower.
51. Take cutting from house plants.
52. Buy birthday gift for dad.
53. Use Jax gift card.
54. Clean dishwasher.
55. Call Allstate about roadside coverage.
56. Call Mediacom about lowering cable/Internet bill - monthly bill reduced $50!!!!
57. Check on books at Firehouse books.
58. Get oil change.
59. Get car door fixed.
60. Clean intake vent in hallway and living room.
61. Clean rags at laundromat.
62. Clean out dehumidifier.
63. Clean off garage work bench.
64. Dust bathroom blinds.
65. Fix baseboard by tub.
66. Purchase Christmas gifts.
67. Go through 14 magazines and get rid of them.
68. Vacuum car.
69. Write AND send Christmas cards.
70. Scrape paint from laundry room window.
71. Clean laundry room windows.
72. Dispose of fire extinguisher.
73. Clean under refrigerator.
74. Clean under stove.
75. Get rid of matches.
76. Check with NWA about miles to Phoenix.

Some lessons learned regarding a list such as this. First, I typically do well with short term goals such as this. I find that the challenge keeps me motivated and focused. So even though I didn't complete my list in the designated 99 days, I will definitely be doing this again.

Second, I really need to put more thought into what goes on the list. Rather than hurrying to create the list in 30 minutes because I thought it would be cool to come up 99 things to do in 99 days on 9/9/09 and I started the list at about 11:20pm, I really need to think about what's important AND realistic.

Third, I should really try and group items together. Again, if I put more thought into the list to begin with, I should be able to group like items together so they're easier to find.

All in all, this was a good experience and I'm proud of what I've accomplished. Some of the items I completed have been bugging me for months (years) and it feels great to finally be done with them.

I think I will work on a list to start on January 1.


K.R. said...

Awesome job! How about donating that bridesmaid dress to a charity for teens who can't afford a prom dress? Tis nearly the season!

It helped me when I did my list to create groupings by room of my house, computer, car, etc.

Jenny said...

Thank you for the suggestion about the bridesmaid dress! I hadn't thought of that. I'd like to think that a high school student wouldn't be able to wear it since I was around 190-200 lbs at the time. Unfortunately, I'm sure someone will fit into it.