Monday, August 09, 2010

Frugal or sad?

Actually, neither...or maybe both?

I'm not so frugal (some would say cheap) that I cut off the end of every tube of toothpaste just to get the last few blobs of toothpaste out. No, I simply forgot to buy more toothpaste and had to resort to desperate measures. Perhaps "lazy or unorganized" would be a better description for this. Really, it's probably "all of the above".

I hope you enjoyed another little glimpse into my brain. Think it's scary? Try living here.


Mr Lonely said...

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themanr00m said...

It's not really sad. Toothpaste is something I always forget at the grocery store when I'm running low, then I'm stuck there trying to get the last bit out of the tube. I think it's more practical.