Sunday, November 16, 2008

Strange Food of the Week - Kale, part 2

Kale Update

So I tried kale for the first time. It was pretty good. I prepared it by sauteing it with olive oil and garlic. I think I like swiss chard better but I would definitely eat kale again. A definite plus is it's ability to hold up. It was forgotten in the refrigerator for a week. Most leafy veggies, especially those purchased in October, would be slimy and limp. However the kale looked great, in fact it was very pretty. It has dark green, slightly glossy leaves with a really nice, course texture that remains even after cooking.

Roll Update

Attempt number two at rolls turned out better than attempt number one but still not satisfactory. They taste good but they are short as if they didn't really rise. They were also a little too crusty around the edges. The recipe calls for greasing the muffin tins. I think this contributed to the crispy edges. Since my muffin tins are non-stick, I won't grease them next time (and yes, there WILL be a next time!) I also think I should have let them rise a little longer. I used instant yeast when the recipe calls for active yeast so it's possible that contributed to the less than stellar rising although it really shouldn't have made that much difference.

Hamburger Buns

Today I decided to make hamburger buns, just to see if I could. Again, less than stellar rising. They taste good but are flat. I could use two of them to make up the two halves of a bun. This recipe even calls for instant yest. I just put in the second batch and they're looking a little flat as well. On the way home from work earlier, I stopped at the store and bought more yeast. I'm hoping that the problem lies with the yeast (wouldn't that be nice) and not something else. This is so frustrating!


I did have one success in the kitchen today. Attempt number 3 of jellied cranberry sauce worked! After chilling in the can for several hours, I took it out, ran a knife around the edge, coaxed it out and viola! it stands up on end! I can also slice it. The two most important features of jellied cranberry sauce are it's ability to stand on end when removed from the can and it's slice-ability. Mine has both! It also has an amazing pink color and tastes fantastic - bonus!


kelly said...

I am a huge fan of kale -- it's cheap and very nutritious. It's more bitter than swiss chard or spinach, so just sauteeing it in olive oil and garlic might not be the best. I just it in soups a lot (homemade soups are the best), and there is an Irish dish called Colcannon that is simply mashed potatoes and kale together. I recommend! :)

I love your blog, when I remember to read it. ;-) You're really an inspiration!


Kirstin said...

I'm definitely digging all the greens that are super abundant at the Farmer's Market right now.

My favorite kale recipe is a peanut pineapple stew from the Moosewood Cooks at Home cookbook. It's basically onions, kale, peanut butter, pineapple, garlic, cilantro, and a bit of tabasco sauce, all cooked up and served over couscous (or your grain of choice). Super easy, minimal cleanup and lots of yum.